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15 April, 2019

ENECTA CBD Oil, let’s discover Premium Hemp Extract 10%


Enecta CBD oil, in fact, is available in three different concentrations of cannabidiol 3%10% and 24%. All CBD oils of the Enecta range are obtained with cold-pressed hemp seed oil and contain cannabidiol (CBD), terpenes, vitamin E and other hemp molecules naturally present in the extract.

The only difference between the three types of Enecta CBD oil is the concentration of cannabidiol. The bottles are in 10 ml sizes and contain three different quantities of cannabidiol: 1000 mgs in case of our Premium Hemp Extract 10%.

The concentration of cannabidiol in our Premium Hemp Extract 10% places it “halfway” between the lowest concentration (3%) and the highest one (24%) and can be consumed in various ways, in order to satisfy whichever necessity. 

Many people, in fact, desire to take a certain quantity of cannabidiol in an accurate way, without having to utilise too many drops of oil (if one chooses the lowest concentration) or too few (in case of the highest concentration).

In fact, playing a key role is the enjoyment of consumption related to the quantity of oil. For example, some prefer to take 10/11 drops of 3% CBD oil while others desire to use only 3 drops of oil, but from the 10% CBD version. Vice versa, other people prefer to take 5 drops of 24% CBD oil or 10/11 drops of Premium Hemp Extract 10%.

In both examples, the quantities of cannabidiol are more or less the same; what changes is only the quantity of oil consumed.

Why choose Premium Hemp Extract 10%

Premium Hemp Extract 10% CBD oil is, generally used to benefit from the action of modulation of our endocannabinoid system cannabidiol has got, in order to dissolve a condition of chronic pain, of severe stress or to accompany a treatment prescribed by our physician in order to cope with certain pathologies.

This is the case of cannabidiol as a support to individuals suffering from migraine and experiencing the symptoms with a certain frequency. Cannabidiol can give benefits if taken with regularity. One of the first studies observing this mechanism, goes back to 2016 and was conducted by researchers of the department of clinical pharmacology at the University of Colorado, United States.

The scientists monitored the health condition of 121 adult individuals diagnosed with migraine, over a period of four years, to whom a cannabis therapy had been prescribed.

The results demonstrated how, in the patients treated with cannabis, the number of monthly migraine episodes dropped from 10,4 to 4,6.

Enecta extracts CBD and cannabinoids from cannabis plants grown on organic and certified lands. The CBD oils offered by Enecta are produced according to the rules of the  GMP, Good Manufacturing Practices protocol, containing rules, indications and guide lines to be followed in order to guarantee the quality of a pharmaceutical product or of pharmacologically active substances.

Enecta proposes a wide range of products containing cannabidiol, like CBD crystals and oils in various concentrations, cosmetic products and many others.  

Post by: Hempoil®
Hempoil® is the first cannabis company in Greece, since 2016.

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