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To our minds, informing doctors and health scientists continuously about the new scientific data that have to do with the therapeutic capitalization of cannabis is a duty.

For this reason, Hempοil® is the only Greek brand hosting scientific events of international interest, collaborating with respected Greek and European medical and scientific associations. It also organizes and supports conferences, seminars and events of high scientific profile and interest.

Along with Enecta™ we went on to organize Cannabeta. In the summer of 2018 the first scientific seminar ever taking place in our country in Evgenidio Institution, where doctors and other health scientists took part bringing the international trailblazing experience to Greece.

So the second Cannabeta held by the Greek Anesthesiologic Association and the Greeek Association on the Study of Pain in January 2019, and the 3rd Cannabeta taking place in Napoli and Rome in spring of 2019 which was also successful.

We create post-study scientific institutions, like Cannapain which took place in Larissa and Chania, actively contributing to the increased level of the Greek medical force and creating the conditions for capitalizing cannabis in a medical way with a sense of criticality and validity required by the contemporary medicine. 

At the same time, recurrent training of scientists working for Hempοil® and our wide partners Network is continuous and effectively contribute to the scientifically proven medical use of cannabis.

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