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15 February, 2018

CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil, fighting pain in a natural way


According to a study conducted by the Canadian Medical Association Journal Cannabis could help fighting chronic pain. 

This is apparently nothing new for those who are aware of and keeping themselves updated regarding the evolutions in the world of Therapeutic Cannabis, however  Hemp oil with CBDcould indeed be an excellent ally to relief chronic pain and inflammations and has numerous fields of application. 


The research study 

– the above mentioned study has examined 23 adults affected by neuropathic pain,  to which  Cannabis  was assigned for a period of about 14 days.

The results demonstrate how, within five days from the beginning of the treatment, the intensity of the pain had diminished and as a consequence the quality of sleep had improved.

San Francisco General Hospital

 – in the same way Doctor Donald Abrams , Professor and Head of Hematology/Oncology at the San Francisco General Hospital, is in favour of cannabis for the treatment of chronic pain: “Taking the safety profiles of Cannabis and Opioids into consideration, we can find that Cannabis is much safer. However if a patient is already using opioids, I invite him/her not to make any drastic changes in their treatment protocol, and especially not without the close supervision of their physician.”

Cannabis vs Opioids

 – Both THC and  CBD  in cannabis are known for their analgesic effects, especially when used together, due to their congruent chemical synergies. An increasing number of research studies supply evidence on how many patients can use Cannabis as a substitute of opioids to treat pain, reducing their dependency on opioids significantly.

A 2016 study of the  University of Michigan  /a>published in the Journal of Pain, supplies interesting information, discovering that Cannabis helps reducing the negative side effects of other drugs, improves the quality of life, and most of all,
reduces the use of opiates by 64%.  

Enecta Blog

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Post by: Hempoil®
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