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05 December, 2020

CBD (Cannabidiol) and Canine epilepsy: Jack’s story


In 2016, Jack a relatively active Belgian shepherd has been diagnosed with canine idiopathic epilepsy, the most common kind of canine epilepsy whose source has not been clarified yet by the scientific community.

Today, Jack’s owner, Fernando, after 4 years of devotion and sincere commitment towards the dog’s disease, is narrating a story of strength, joy, and optimism.

Against epilepsy as a disease and the stigma of the therapeutic use of CBD Oil

2012; Jack’s rescue and the new home

I wasn’t necessarily looking for a specific breed of dog, but then Jack appeared in front of me. Even though he was underweight, had abuse signs, conjunctivitis in both eyes, and worms internally, I still remember, the incredibly positive energy he was radiating. Also, he was limping because of a deep wound on his paw.

He had been administrated antibiotics that weren’t efficient. As for the paw’s wound, I had been told that he might need mutilation, which fortunately never happened because Jack recovered very fast. The only thing he needed was a “sweet home”.

2016; the diagnosis: idiopathic epilepsy

Two months before the official idiopathic epilepsy diagnosis on April 2016, we noticed two incidents after we returned home from work and found out damaged things. Unfortunately, we didn’t take the incident seriously.

When we witnessed his first epileptic seizure, we have been told that we should wait to verify that it isn’t a single incident.

«”But the seizures came back with more intensity each time.”»

We started administrating Jack an anti-epileptic drug at high dosages (Phenobarbital), and it seemed that the seizures had withdrawn.

One year later (2017), we had to increase the dosage to its maximum, since the epileptic seizures were appearing more often until Jack started having seizures during the day, about two seizures per month.

In order to stop each seizure, we had to administer him an emergency medicine, while we administrating another powerful anti-epileptic drug to bring in balance the Central Nervous System (CNS).

After one seizure, Jack remained quite dizzy for a couple of days, lost his vision and couldn’t walk properly because he wasn’t strong enough to do it. By the time he recovered, the days had passed quietly, until the signs of anxiety reappeared leading to another episode.

«And the vicious circle began again.»

The vet decided to add a second drug, KBr (Potassium Bromide). The seizures reduced to a great extend but appeared a lot of side-effects. His skin was burning, he was losing fur from various parts of his body, he was whining and trembling, while he became anxious and moody.

«It was very difficult for us to see him suffer like that, so much so that we even thought about euthanasia.»

2017: Discovering CBD, a light at the end of the tunnel

“I remember one night of 2017 when I googled epilepsy remedies”. By that time, I had no hope. Suddenly, I found Charlotte’s story. A little girl from the U.S.A. suffered from severe epilepsy and was treating it successfully by taking a high percentage of CBD oil.

The next day, I went to a local CBD-shop, saw the product Enecta Premium Hemp Extract 10% CBD oil, and bought it immediately. The same day I threw away the second anti-epileptic drug (KBr).

“ This is our last chance Jack!”, is what I wrote to the Customer Service Team, the first week that Jack started CBD (Cannabidiol).

I started with the minimum dosage, to give Jack’s organism time to adapt. Then I began increasing the dosage but the seizures continued in the same frequency.

«Sorry, it probably does nothing to you: I remember thinking to myself.»

On the last attempt, I almost doubled the daily dosage. I was waiting for the next seizure in about a week, then two and three weeks, when I started thinking, “Well done, Jack, this time maybe we got it!”

The weeks and the months were passing away “We got it, Jack!”.

I thought of reducing the dosage of the first anti-epileptic drug (Phenobarbital), day by day because its administration was proving dangerous for Jack’s health.

As the months were passing, we haven’t noticed any seizure. Until April 2020, the conventional medicine was at 25% of its initial dosage and was acting complementary with the CBD oil, giving Jack the chance to continue without seizures for 1 year and 7 months.

We continued one step forward by keeping the dosage stable and regular while reducing to 10% the conventional medicine. So, the target for this year is to reduce it one for all.

Since the day Jack started his alternative treatment with cannabidiol oil (CBD oil), its beneficial effect has reduced neither his tolerance developed to increase the percentage.

«On the contrary, we have not had to change the dosage until today, and as Jack grows older, we see that he is at his best.»

2020: Jack’s life today

Jack is taking CBD oil ( Cbd oil for pets, 500mg) directly before his meal. It has become a daily routine. I give him the oil directly from a small syringe with the marked amounts, even if I could just use the dropper. My mother prefers giving him the oil directly inside his food, which is effective as well.

Jack always needed a lot of exercises but in 2017 we had to stop it because every-time he was getting excited, he had serious seizures.

German Shepherd now cured with CBD enecta oil for pets

Today, Jack is living a happy and healthy life with regular exercise every day and he is 9,5 years old! We even took part in a canicross run which was a day of triumph for all of us after years of fight.

«I can not say that everything we went through was easy. But in the end, it was worth it with»

Extra tips for further information about CBD oil – notable points

We asked Fernando if he had some advice after this long-lasting intense experience with Jack. Here is what he is sharing with us.

First of all, find a reliable CBD oil supplier and pay attention. A product that has 10% hemp extract with CBD is not the same as a 10% cannabidiol oil (CBD). Maths don’t lie; maybe some suppliers do…

CBD Oil Products for pets Packaging
CBD Oil for Pets with Ω3 Fatty Acids | 500mg

Second, do your research. During Jack’s story, I studied a lot about cannabidiol, the effectiveness in the treatment of epilepsy (especially to the kids) and the general impact on the Central Nervous System (CNS). I really learned a lot.

There are few pieces of research with people while the research is still limited in this field, even though the published studies are hopeful. CBD appears to be effective in diseases of the CNS and neurodegenerative diseases as well.

«And most importantly, it has a very secure profile. I did not see the slightest side effect on Jack.»

I also take CBD oil sometimes to reduce anxiety, sleep better, and relieve muscle pain. I find that it helps me a lot, and I feel my brain clear and lucid.

«It would be really great to get over the ‘stigma’ that often surrounds CBD and medical cannabis.»

Source: enecta™ – Hempoil® Exclusive Distributor for Greece & Cyprus

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Post by: Hempoil®
Hempoil® is the first cannabis company in Greece, since 2016.

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