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Eighty8 HHC Gummies Tangerine – 10pcs


100% Natural
Safe CBD

Eighty8 HHC Gummies Tangerine flavour in a pack of 10 cube form jelly with 25 mg of 99.6% pure HHC extract. eighty8’s favorite HHC products in a wide variety exclusively at Hempoil®.

  • Super Strong Gummies
  • HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol) 99.6%
  • 10 pieces in the form of cubes
  • 25mg / piece
  • Only for people 18+
  • 0.2% THC
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Eighty8 HHC Gummies Tangerine – 10pcs.

Eighty8 HHC Gummies Tangerine with 250mg HHC in a pack of 10 pieces. With the upcoming explosion of HHC in the European market, we couldn’t resist creating 2 new candies / gummies cut into cubes and infused with pure HHC extract in two delicious flavors, strawberry and tangerine. The package contains 10 pieces of Tangerine in small jelly cubes with an HHC extract content of 99.6%, with the unparalleled power of 25mg of HHC per piece.

HHC Gummies are the easiest form of HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol) to consume. Especially for those who are not related to the category of cannabis HHC products but want to give it a try 😉

eighty8 HHC Gummies in Greece and Cyprus. The latest global trend in cannabinoids has also landed in Greece and Cyprus. The most potent cannabinoid we have tried to date. Hexahydrocannabinol HHC assists with the much-needed relaxation we ask for in everyday life with the closest euphoric properties we have seen in relation to THC.

HHC, or hexahydrocannabinoid, was discovered in 1944 by American chemist Roger Adams when he added a hydrogen molecule to delta-9 THC during the hydrogenation process. However, this substance was illegal as it would have been made from THC. However, HHC was found to be one of the many naturally occurring cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. In 2020, the de Las Heras group analyzed a lipid extract from Cannabis sativa seeds and discovered 43 cannabinoids in it, one of which was HHC.

This 99% HHC distillate from Eighty8 is imported from one of the largest producers in the US and is produced in certified labs. The ratio of 9R and 9S molecules are in an ideal 1:1 ratio for maximum efficiency.

Hempoil® is the exclusive distributor of eighty8 products brand, and you can explore all the company’s HHC products online and in our stores in Greece and Cyprus.

What is Hexahydrocannabinol HHC?

Learn all about the new cannabinoid taking the world by storm. HHC products in Greece and Cyprus.

Precautions of HHC Gummies / Candies:

It may cause a skin reaction. If you seek medical advice take the product container or label with you. In case of skin contact: Wash with plenty of water. If skin irritation or rash is observed: Consult or visit your doctor.

Exclusive Distributor for Greece & Cyprus:

Explore the whole range of our HHC Products here.

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