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10 June, 2019

CBD for dogs and cats, the definitive guide


Many professionals in the sector, in fact, question the possibilities of use, dosage and possible adverse effects of cannabis given to dogs and cats.

Cannabidiol (CBD) has shown on several occasions to be a valid ally for patients suffering from various pathologies. In the same way, more and more animal owners are turning to their veterinarian to evaluate the administration of CBD oils or other cannabidiol-based products to their four-legged friends.


The use of cannabis products in the veterinary precincts is growing in both the United States and Italy and Europe. Due to this novelty, it is necessary to provide updated information to clarify the confusion regarding the use and prescription of cannabis products for pets.


What you need to know about cannabis in the veterinary precincts

Cannabidiol can be used in veterinary medicine to treat a large number of disorders. The pathologies for which it is usually prescribed are: arthrosis, epilepsy and anxiety. However, cannabidiol is also considered when it is necessary to use an anti-inflammatory or painkiller.


Where to find a CBD oil specifically dedicated to animals?

Enecta has CBD Oil for pets, from the Premium line and produced from Cannabis sativa L. plants, grown in Italy without the use of pesticides or herbicides.

Premium CBD Oil for Pets is available in two versions: 10 ml with 500 mg CBD or 30 ml with 1500 mg CBD.

Cannabidiol concentration (CBD) does not change and remains the same in both versions. CBD oil can be added to pet food or dosed through a practical bite-proof plastic dropper.

The dosage and method of administration must be decided and dictated by the veterinarian, who will evaluate each individual and specific case to correctly identify a therapy.


What are the laws governing the administration of CBD to animals?

Does CBD oil for animals contain THC?

Cannabis falls under Article 24 of the Community Catalog of feed materials. The Regulation (EC) n. 767/2009 covers all substances or products, including additives, intended for feeding animals orally and dictates the lines for marketing and use.

These products must not contain materials whose sale is subject to restrictions or prohibited and it must be possible to trace them at all stages of production, from processing to distribution.

Enecta extracts from Cannabis grown on selected fields, without the use of pesticides, according to the Guidelines on Good Agricultural and Collection Practice (GACP), thus ensuring high standards of safety and quality.

Cultivation is carried out according to the law n. 242/2016 “Provisions for the promotion of cultivation and the agro-industrial supply chain of hemp”.

Premium CBD Oil for Pets has a CBD concentration of 5% and THC is practically absent: traces of 0.05% or less are present in the product.


The regulations that the veterinarian must consider

At the moment, the marketing of any veterinary medicinal product containing cannabidiol (CBD) is not authorized in the European Community.

However, Article 10 of Law Decree 193/2006 allows the use in derogation of cannabidiol products for all those animals not intended for food production.

The law considers those specific cases in which “there are no authorized veterinary medicines to treat a certain disease of animal species not intended for the production of food” and in that case “the responsible veterinarian may, exceptionally, under his direct responsibility and to the in order to prevent the animal from suffering evident states, treat the affected animal “.


According to the decree, in the absence of veterinary medicines or human medicines that can also be used on animals, it is possible to administer “a veterinary medicinal product prepared extemporaneously by a pharmacist in the pharmacy for this purpose, in accordance with the indications contained in a veterinary prescription”.

On 27 January 2019 the new European regulation on veterinary medicinal products was approved, which will apply starting from January 2022. The European regulation will fully replace the previous laws both Community and national. With the new regulation, the derogations of the previous laws will be definitively incorporated.

Here are our consumers’ questions about our CBD OIL FOR PETS:


What is the raw material and where it is grown?

Enecta extracts from cultivated Cannabis, on the Italian territory, on selected fields without the use of pesticides, according to the Guidelines on Good Agricultural and Collection Practice (GACP), thus ensuring high standards of safety and quality.

Cultivation is carried out according to the law n. 242/2016 “Provisions for the promotion of cultivation and the agro-industrial supply chain of hemp”.


Why the percentageof CBD is 5%?

Currently for our formulations we use a quantity of CBD that reflects that normally contained in the raw material of origin (industrial Cannabis with high content of CBD and low THC content).


Is it possible to have a higher CBD concentration?

We have developed a product that reflects the CBD content present in industrial hemp, adaptable to the different needs of the animal.

For a product designed to satisfy a therapeutic need more completely, it is advisable to prescribe and set up a masterful CBD-based preparation, tailored to the needs of the individual veterinary patient.


Is there THC in the product?

Virtually no, traces of THC in the product are 0.05% or less.


What is the difference between industrial hemp and medical cannabis?

Industrial hemp has a percentage of THC, the psychotropic active principle, in the maximum limit of 0.6%. Cultivation must be carried out starting from seeds of registered varieties and is generally done in an open field.

It may have different ratios of active ingredients, but always a low THC content. From these varieties it is possible to extract (as a phytocomplex or as an isolated active principle) the numerous active principles present in the plant, of which the most known and used is Cannabidiol.

Cannabis for medical use may have different ratios of active ingredients (the most well-known THC and CBD), but it generally has a THC percentage higher than 0.6%. It is grown indoors according to methods that guarantee standardization.

In Italy, production is entrusted to the Military Pharmaceutical Chemical Plant on behalf of the Ministry of Health. Starting from the inflorescences, magistral galenic preparations are made.


Which tests are done on the product?

The starting plant material (hemp) is monitored according to the parameters set for medicinal plants (eg pesticides and heavy metals). In addition to the nutritional values ​​of the oil and the monitoring of cannabinoids, the analyzes of the ashes are performed to protect the animal (both on olive oil and on hemp extract). The ashes are always kept low to ensure that the products are always fresh.

What are raw ashes? they are the quantity of inorganic matter that is obtained after the combustion of the product; the lower the value, the less waste material is contained.

The value synonymous with good quality (obviously depends on the type of food eg meat, vegetables or fish) can be around 5%, the Enecta product is around 1%.


The experience of veterinarians who use CBD oil

More and more Italian and foreign veterinarians choose to use cannabidiol to alleviate the symptoms of the diseases that afflict pets.

One of the areas of greatest interest is that of pain therapy. According to Jerry Klein, head of the American Kennel Club’s veterinary department, “To date the information we had on the effects of CBD on animals was anecdotal. Today studies on CBD oil for dogs will guarantee the indispensable scientific data for a legislative approval (final n.d.a.) “.

In Italy, he is Vincenzo Rondelli, DVM, PhD, Head of the Department of Anesthesia and Pain Therapy of the Novara Veterinary Institute, who approached cannabidiol among the first as a potential ally to combat chronic pain derived from certain diseases.

In particular, declared Rondinelli, “in veterinary medicine for years, more and more attention has been paid to cancer patients, some time ago looking for molecules with analgesic and anti-inflammatory power but with little impact on the immune system: I came across the CBD”.


According to Elena Battaglia, a veterinary doctor who works in the province of Savona and who often uses cannabis-based products for her work, “CBD-based products have proven to be a valid aid for various diseases, first of all arthrosis. The CBD allows a reduction in the use of anti-inflammatories (FANS and cortisone) which in the long run can create problems for the animal.

Many times animals no longer have to resort to this type of medication.

Other pathologies in which there are excellent results are behavioral, certain forms of cancer, cases of anxiety, epilepsy, some neurological diseases; every day new possibilities for using the CBD are discovered, alone or in addition to the therapy already in place”.


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Post by: Hempoil®
Hempoil® is the first cannabis company in Greece, since 2016.

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