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VapCap OmniVap (DynaVap)


100% Natural
Safe CBD

The VapCap OmniVap is an elegant and virtually indestructible battery-less vaporizer by DynaVap. Heated with a flame and using the signature ‘click’ temperature indicator, the OmniVap is capable of producing extremely satisfying thick and flavourful vapour.

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The VapCap OmniVap is an elegant and virtually indestructible battery-less vaporizer by DynaVap. Heated with a flame and using the signature ‘click’ temperature indicator, the OmniVap is capable of producing extremely satisfying thick and flavourful vapour.

The OmniVap distinguishes itself from the other VapCap models with its adjustable airflow. By twisting the mouthpiece, you can adjust the air/vapour ratio. A low airflow produces thicker clouds, whereas a high airflow setting creates smoother vapour.

The tip of the OmniVap is made out of titanium, the body is available in many different styles and materials, creating a vaporizer elegant as it is powerful. All you need is a lighter (or any flame) and something to vaporize. The OmniVap is also a great match with the beautiful DynaStash.

VapCap OmniVap features

  • Adjustable airflow – adjust the air/vapour ratio by twisting the mouthpiece.
  • Modular – feel like switching styles? You can swap the original body of your OmniVap with many different VapCap stems, and tweak your OmniVap to your personal preference.
  • Ultra-durable – the inside of the OmniVap is entirely made of titanium, which allows for optimal durability.
  • Adjustable bowl – by placing your screen in one of the three grooves, you can adjust the size of the bowl.


The VapCap OmniVap is available in different varieties. Each of them has the same condenser, mouthpiece and features (except for the OmniVap XL, which is 1.7 cm longer than the other models), but has a different stem – which gives all the different models a unique look and style.

  • The Original model is almost entirely made of titanium – a material that’s both light and durable. Its geometric design is absolutely beautiful to look at, and offers better grip when you hold it.
  • The OmniVap XL has the same beautiful design as the Original. However, the XL is 1.7 cm longer – which allows for cooler vapour production.
  • The OmniVap Carbon is the first carbon fiber made vaporizer on the market. Carbon fiber is known for being super light and durable. It gives the VapCap a nice, sleek look.
  • Cocobolo is an exotic type of hardwood with unique, spectacular colours and patterns. Cocobolo is typically light brown with intense yellow, orange and dark purple hues.
  • Blackwood is another type of hardwood. With its dark brown colour, it gives your VapCap a subtle and fancy, yet special look.

Please note: the blackwood and cocobolo varieties are both made of wood. Bear in mind that due to the nature of the wood, some variety may apply and the VapCap you receive may look slightly different than it does in the picture. This is particularly the case with the cocobolo version.


  • 1 VapCap OmniVap vaporizer
  • 1 storage tube

The VapCap vapes are modular and parts can easily be replaced or interchanged. However, always make sure you choose the correct size so it fits your VapCap version.

What is VapCap?

VapCap is a super small, discreet vaporizer that operates without use of electronics or a battery. After filling the tip with a small amount of herb or other material (VapCap can also be used with pressed resins and even sticky concentrates), and placing the cap back on, a lighter (preferably torch lighter) is used to evenly heat the cap. Once the cap makes a ‘clicking’ sound (and slight vibration), your VapCap is ready for use. Inhale and enjoy thick and tasty vapour! The cap will click again once it has cooled down, ready to be heated again.

VapCap heats your material at temperatures between ~170°C and ~220°C. The temperature also depends on where you apply the heat, close to the very tip of the cap (lower temperatures) or closer to the other end for higher temps.

Regardless of the load, VapCap is capable of providing thick, flavourful vapour in seconds!

Important: do NOT continue to heat the VapCap after the initial click. Doing so will lead to combustion and could potentially damage your device.

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