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CBD Tinctures bottle from elixinol.

CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are one of the purest and popular CBD Oils products available in the cannabis market.

They are produced by 100% biological cannabidiol through CO2 extraction following the highest standards of production and safety. CBD tinctures contain MCT oil (naturally extracted coconut oil) and is fast absorbed by the human organism through saliva glands.

Easy to use with a dosing syringe on its spout for accurate CBD intake. It also comes in cinnamon and neutral taste for those who cannot stand the natural cannabis flavor.

It contains amino acids alkanes, ketones, flavonoids, vitamins, water and more. Choose what best fits you and take advantage of the beneficial properties of cannabidiol for your health!

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  • ADD TO CARTYpsilon 5% (500mg) Greek Organic CBD Oil with Essential Mastiha Oil from Chios Island.

    Ypsilon 5% (500mg) “MILD” CBD Oil with Chios Mastic Oil – 10ml

  • ADD TO CARTYpsilon 10% (1000mg) “MEDIUM” CBD Oil with Organic Mastiha Oil from the island of Chios, Greece. Anti-cancer product, friendly to the stomach.

    Ypsilon 10% (1000mg) “MEDIUM” CBD Oil with Chios Mastic Oil – 10ml

  • ADD TO CARTYpsilon 25% (2500mg) “STRONG” CBD Oil with Organic Chios Mastic Oil of Greek Production for the Treatment of prostatitis and many other diseases.

    Ypsilon 25% (2500mg) “STRONG” CBD Oil with Chios Mastic Oil – 10ml

  • ADD TO CARTYpsilon 40% (4000mg) “SUPER STRONG” CBD Oil with Organic Chios Mastic Oil of Greek Cultivation for help in the treatment of cancer, prostatitis, chemotherapy, disorders.

    Ypsilon 40% (4000mg) “SUPER STRONG” CBD Oil with Chios Mastic Oil – 10ml


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