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Arizer Air II


100% Natural
Safe CBD

With the Air II, Arizer brings us yet another classic that has been perfected and brought up to date with the latest in technology – allowing for a more powerful and faster heating portable vape. The new Air II is up to 50% more powerful, at the same small size.

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Arizer Air II

With the Air II, Arizer brings us yet another classic that has been perfected and brought up to date with the latest in technology – allowing for a more powerful and faster heating portable vape. The new Air II is up to 50% more powerful, at the same small size.

Arizer Air 2 improvements

The Air II features several improvements over the original Air:

  • 50% more powerful – A higher capacity battery and reworked internals allow for faster heat-up and increased battery life
  • USB charging – the Air 2 can be used with micro-USB for limitless use, anywhere and anytime! Pass through charging allows you to use your Air II while charging.
  • Three button use, OLED display – Use the OLED display for precise temperature control
  • Includes stainless filter screens – Arizer have listened to their customers and now include perfectly fitting filter screens with each Air 2. These filters prevent small particles moving across the air path.

Purity & Flavour

Much like the original Air, the new Air 2 features an isolated air path and borosilicate glass for the purest flavour possible. While many other portables featuring a conduction-type heater tend to ‘cook’ your herb, the vapour produced by the Air 2 remains flavourful throughout multiple inhalations.

Perfectly portable

With 50% more powerful – and rechargeable – batteries and its pocket-friendly dimensions, the Air 2 makes for the perfect travel companion. The glass stems feature a rubber cap so you can easily pre-pack bowls for your journey. What’s more, a protective carry-case with belt-clip to store and carry your vaporizer is included.

Full temperature control

The Air II features a crisp OLED display for easy temperature control – adjust the temperature in degree increments. The display also helps you keep track of battery life, the display brightness and configure the auto-shutdown timer.

Easy to clean and maintain

Stainless steel filter screens are now included with each Air 2. These screens can be used in the glass stem and help prevent small particles moving through the mouthpiece. The screens and glass stems are easy to clean (we recommend soaking them in an ISO-alcohol or safe cleaning agent). To clean the bowl, a quick swipe with an alcohol wipe (or Easy Swab) will suffice to remove any remaining or built-up material.

Removable, rechargeable batteries

The 18650 battery of the Arizer Air 2 can easily be charged via the built-in USB port of the vaporizer. If you own several batteries, it is worth picking up an external charger so you can always have one or more fully charged batteries ready for use.

We carry – and recommend – the original NiteCore i2 charger – a high quality reliable and fast charger at a fair price!

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x Arizer Air II Vaporizer
  • 1x Battery
  • 1 x Charger/USB/power adapter*
  • 1 x Glass aroma tube – 70mm
  • 1 x Glass aroma tube – 70mm with tip
  • 1 x Glass botanical dish
  • 2 x Silicone stem cover caps
  • 1 x Belt-clip carry case
  • 1 x Stainless steel stirring tool
  • 4 x Stainless steel filter screens
  • 1 x Package of botanicals
  • 1 x Instruction manual

Please note: The Air II we carry comes with an EU (220v) USB-wall adapter. For use in the UK (amongst other countries) an adapter plug may be required.

Full warranty – original version

VapoShop is an authorized (European) reseller of Arizer vaporizers and accessories. When you purchase your Air II from us, you are guaranteed to receive the latest version with full two-year warranty.

On top of this, VapoShop offers a unique 30-day satisfaction warranty.

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